Our Team Members

Our Vision


We strive to be value-driven, consistently honest, dependable and ethical in what we say and do. We want to keep our promises, fulfill expectations and “walk our talk”.

We empower people by teaching the confidence, enthusiasm, and skills by which to achieve their professional and personal best based both on leadership and service.

We have an unrelenting passion to do everything to the highest standards of excellence and a commitment to continuously seek improvement.

We believe that we earn profits through successfully servicing our customer. The customer, the associate and the business must each make a profit to achieve our mission.

We believe that sustaining peak performance and enjoying one’s work is based upon a balance of one’s family, work, friends, health and personal growth.

Leadership Characteristics

Able to guide the change process by aligning people behind a strategy and motivating them to overcome obstacles.

Takes the responsibility to initiate action and follow through to a conclusion. Chooses to act rather than be acted upon.

Listens with the intent to understand before being understood. Gains influence by being open to being influenced.

Seeks agreements and solutions which are mutually beneficial.

Able to produce a profit in a manner consistent with our Mission and Values.