Open for Business: Long-awaited Silver Diner opens on Buckeystown Pike


August 7, 2016

Silver Diner, a chain of restaurants in Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey, opened a location in Frederick on July 6.

Executive chef and Silver Diner co-owner Ype Von Hengst told The News-Post about the business at 5120 Buckeystown Pike in Frederick.

Briefly describe the services you offer.

Silver Diner has something for everyone. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night fare, and has everything from creative dishes, delicious, healthy meals and diner favorites to craft beers, wines and cocktails. Silver Diner also sources from local farms and provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings too.

What led you to launch this business?

We launched Silver Diner more than 25 years ago in Rockville when we saw a need for more family-friendly locations where couples and business associates could come, and where everyone can get a great, casual meal.

Why did you choose to open a business in Frederick County? Why at this location?

Frederick is growing and meets our market requirements. The location is in a high-traffic area near entertainment.

What is unique about it? What do you do that nobody else does?

What we’ve done is listen to our customers over the years, and we’ve evolved. We’ve had customers who visit our restaurants and still want to eat the same food they had at Silver Diner 25 years ago, and we have customers who want to eat more healthy or they’re vegans or vegetarians or gluten intolerant. We have something for all of those. We also have one of the healthiest kids’ menus in the country, which was made possible by listening to our tiniest customers and providing more of the healthy things that they love to eat.

Why do you believe you will succeed?

Because we are different and we have a proven track record. We have a very close-knit family culture with our associates, and that carries over into the community. Our partnership with community schools is also unique. And our menu is like no other. It is consistent, high-quality, well-priced food.