Interview With Lily Qi- From Life Under Communist Rule to Maryland Legislature


July 29, 2019
Interview With Lily Qi- From Life Under Communist Rule to Maryland Legislature

In a recent interview on National Public Radio, Lily Qi discussed with host Michael Martin about her transition from communist rule in China to life in America as a board member of the Maryland State Legislature. 

The interview took place as the Rockville Maryland Silver Diner, which is a local favorite of hers to enjoy some breakfast and coffee. Her choice for the interview was a spinach omelet, one of the popular favorites for locals on Silver Diner’s newly revamped menu.

Lily is in her 50s, and is a well put together individual. Lily moved to the states 30 years ago, and now resides in Rockville Maryland. She represents a very suburban and rural area of Maryland, which is ironic considering her upbringing in the large city of Shanghai China. She provides representation in an area where there is a large Asian American culture that while intelligent, don’t have a vast amount of knowledge of politics.



Lily’s upbringing in China was during a cultural revolution, where individuals who were perceived as intellectuals in areas of foreign policy were shunned, even possibly turned on by family members. Lily took this as an opportunity to transition out of the communist lifestyle and attend college in America at Manchester University in Indiana in 1989. This was the first time in Lily’s life she could just watch the horrors of Chinese politics on television instead of living it.



New policy was unveiled in America due to the Tiannaman square pro democracy event in China, which worked on Lily’s behalf and allowed Chinsese students to stay in the United States for a  longer period of time. After a period of struggling trying to find employment, Lily decided to enter the world of politics in 2018 and run for office in Maryland. On her 30th year of living in the United States, Lily was elected a freshman delegate in Maryland, a remarkable transition from her life in China. While China has improved in recent years, Lily continues to advocate the opportunity America presents to have a voice in public policy no matter your race or gender.