Beyond Meat Burgers - The Tastiest Plant Based Meat Alternative on the Market


July 29, 2019
Beyond Meat Burgers

Vegans and plant based individuals now have an even tastier option when it comes to burgers. In a recent article by the Washington Post, the author notes that Beyond Meat has reformulated its meat with a bit more marbling- helping create a taste very similar to a traditional beef burger. The latest formulation is set to hit grocery stores, and the Silver Diner has begun incorporating this tasty treat into their new menu as well.

Beyond Meat had created a breakthrough in the plant based burger world by creating a meatless option with the same juiciness and texture as a traditional burger. The fatty flavor of the Beyond Meat burger is emulated through a combination of cocoa butter and coconut oil, which melt when the burger is grilled. To give the burger a good protein content, a combination of pea and rice protein are incorporated into the formula. Previous options for veggie burgers are a bit more dry and tasteless than the latest innovations these two companies have created, helping many individuals contribute to a lifestyle of environmental sustainability by consuming a bit less animal product.


Meatless Miso Burger


Silver Diner’s chef Ype Yon Hengst has begun incorporating Beyond Meat product into their newly revamped menu. Tasty options such as Beyond Meat meatballs, burger,  and a meatloaf in the works are the latest additions to the Silver Diner menu


Meatless Miso Burger