All-New Silver Diner Kids Club


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Q: How does the Kids Club work?

Using your Card:

  • Present your kids club card to your server to receive a point (dine-in only)

  • Each kids club member must purchase $4.99 or more to earn a point.

  • Every time you earn 5 points you will earn a reward for free kid’s entrée.

  • The member can use this reward on either a kids or adult menu item up to $7.99 value.


Receiving your collectible:

  • After swiping your card for a point, your server will bring back your card along with a sealed envelope.

  • The envelope will contain your collectible pin along with a chance to win an instant prize.

  • If you win an instant prize, you can choose to use it immediately or at a future date.

  • To redeem your instant prize, please give the paper to your server.


Collecting pins:

  • You have a chance to collect up to 10 different pins. Collect 10 unique pins to receive a free t-shirt.

  • If you receive a duplicate pin, you can either keep it or return it for an extra point.


Special Events:

  • We will host 6 events throughout the year

  • Special themes, activities and prizes for kids club members

  • Visit to see the event schedule


Please note, if you requested a card from our website you will receive the card in the mail over the next five days. Once you receive the card, please go to your local Silver Diner to get your kids club lanyard and earn a point.


Q: What do I do if I’m not earning rewards?

This means you have a Kids Club card that has not been registered. You can register your card number at or by calling Silver Diner Guest Relations at 1-866-561-0518 M-F, 9am-5pm. Please note, if a card is not registered the name of the child will not show up on the receipt.


Q: How does the Birthday reward work?

To receive your birthday reward you must register your account before the first of your birthday month. If not, your reward will be issued in the next calendar year. For example, if you birthday is July 3rd, you must register your account by June 30th.


Q: I’m ordering delivery through Can I earn points? Can I use my reward?

No, Kids Club accounts and rewards are not supported through online ordering.


Q: What if I have forgotten or lost my card?

Please call Silver Diner Guest Relations at 1-866-561-0518 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm ET and provide them with your Kids Club Account number and receipt number so they can apply the point to your account or transfer your existing points to a new card.


Q: My child forgot their card. Can you look up his/her account using my phone number?

No, phone number lookup is not available for Kids Club accounts.


Q: My child forgot their card. Can they still get a pin?

No, a Kids Club card is required to earn a point and pin during any visit.


Q: My child already has this pin. Can I get another one?

No, but you may trade in the extra pin to your server to receive an addition point towards your complimentary kids entrée.


Q: What happens when my child turns 13 years old?

When your child turns 13 years old, they are eligible to join the Eat Well, Do Well Rewards Club. Their Kids Club Card will continue to work for 30 days and their Complimentary Kids Birthday Entrée & Dessert will be redeemable for 30 days, after which their account will become inactive.


Q: Can my child used the earn reward on an adult menu item?

Yes. As long as a minimum of $4.99 is spent, a Kids Club member can earn a point for any item ordered.


Q: Why can’t I have one Kids Club card for multiple children?

Our goal is to make each child feel recognized. Based upon feedback from our guests, each child will be able to enjoy collecting their own set of pins and having a card just for them.


Q: How do I check my account?

Visit to login to your account and view visit history, update your information, etc.


Q: My kids do not have an email address. Can I use the parent’s email?

Yes. You can use a parent’s email to register one or all of your children who join the club.


Q: My kid is currently a member of Silver Diner’s kids club. Does his/her membership automatically transfer to the new kids club?

No. Former Kids Club members will need to sign-up for the New Kids Club. They will NOT be automatically enrolled.


Q: I collected all 10 pins, do I receive a prize?

Yes! Once you have collected 10 different pins, you can request a complimentary Kids Club t-shirt with one of the diner characters. Please complete the T-shirt submission form


Silver Diner Kids Club Terms & Conditions:

The Silver Diner Kids Club is for individual customers, 12 years or younger. To qualify for points individual kids club members must be present, present their card at the time of purchase, with a minimum dine-in purchase of $4.99 per member per visit (excluding tax and tip) at all participating Silver Diner restaurants. Points cannot be earned for carryout out, online or delivery orders. Certain restrictions apply.

Kids Club rewards can be combined with one instant prize. Instant prizes are not valid in conjunction with any other instant prizes, discounts and promotional certificates.

Silver Diner reserves the right to add or withdraw participating restaurants, to make changes in the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice. Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the card holder. Participating sponsors may impose their own rules. Applicants must be 12 years of age or younger to become members. Employees of Silver Diner Development, Inc., and its affiliated companies and their families are not eligible for membership.