Real Food For Kids


April 1, 2020


Chefs Feeding Families Initiative Silver Diner and Real Food for Kids
Silver Diner at Rio in Gaithersburg is joining forces with Real Food for Kids to meet the needs of some of the many school children in the area who are without meals due to school closures.
How is Silver Diner helping children in need?  Silver Diner at RIO is running a program to serve free single-serve healthy meals to families in need. These free meals are intended to complement the emergency meal distribution being implemented by local public school districts throughout the D.C. Metro Area.
Where can I pick-up a free meal?  You can pick-up a free meal near the Silver Diner at RIO. Pickup location: 236 Boardwalk Place, Gaithersburg, MD. Pick-up times: Monday – Friday, 2pm – 4pm (while supplies last).  . 

Is this the only Silver Diner location serving free meals? Yes. This pilot program is only available at Silver Diner at RIO. For information on MCPS meal distribution please visit:
How many free meals can I pick-up?  There are no restrictions on the number of free meals. The goal is to feed as many families in need as possible.  
Are the free meals only for kids? No. The free meals are for families in need, adults and kids
Do I have to bring my child with me to receive a free meal?  No. You simply have to ask for the number of meals you need for your family.   Are you following the CDC guidelines?  Yes. Silver Diner prepares the meals under strict CDC guidelines. Meals are distributed curbside using a “touchless transaction” process, maintaining 6-ft distance at all times.
Can I get a free meal outside the designated times and days?  No, not at this time. Free meals are distributed weekdays from 2pm – 4pm, while supplies last.  
What types of meals are you serving? Each meal served through the Chefs Feeding Families Initiative aligns with Real Food for Kids' mission to increase access to healthy, whole foods for all children. Whenever possible, Silver Diner will serve plant-based meals that meet a broad range of dietary and religious restrictions.  
Who pays for the free meals?  Real Food for Kids funds the project, including food, supplies and labor. Real Food for Kids is seeking donations to further expand this effort throughout the school shutdown. All the money raised will be used for the Chefs Feeding Families initiative, including funding purchases of food and supplies. To make a donation, visit