Healthier Options

You’ll find plenty of your favorite diner classics on our menu, such as pancakes, burgers and shakes. However, at Silver Diner we are committed to making our dishes healthier without compromising the taste.Mango Veggie Stir-Fry

We were one of the first chain restaurants in the Washington DC area to remove trans fat from our menu; we introduced lower fat and lower calorie options over 15 years ago; and we incorporated hormone-free meats in 2010. Whether it’s a classic or healthier choice, we are committed to providing you the best ingredients AND great taste.

Healthier Ingredients

Summer Citrus Salad

  • Grass-fed, grain-finished, antibiotic-free Black Angus Beef
  • Nitrate-free bacon and local sausage
  • Hormone-free meats
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free chicken tenders
  • Organic jellies and ketchup
  • Agave sweetened fruit toppings
  • Multigrain Breads
  • Unbleached flour using in all pancakes

Healthier Menu Options

 Under 600 calorie menu
 Heart Healthy options
 Gluten-free meals
 Vegetarian options
 Vegan options